In conclusion, we would say that the La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine is a product of true quality and durability. Then I realised that it’s not an “easy” one as this machine requires deep knowledge before dealing with its technology. We provide competitive prices and unrivalled support and assistance, so you can get the most out of this amazing machine. Top it up and replace everything (recommendations are at least carbon-filtered water or a balanced mineral water – ask us for more detail on optimising brewing water). Talking about quality, the Linea Mini features hand-built construction with the rigidity of stainless steel. One thing that sets the Mini aside from most other home machines is its build quality. For more technical information, performance data or other enquiries about this machine, please contact Ollie. Well balanced taste with automatic temperature control. Therefore, you will either have to use ground coffee or will have to purchase a grinder separately. Of course, you can go with the option of using ground coffee. The La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine Review. Because a cold pocket in your espresso machine can render a beverage undrinkable, most machines implement some kind of temperature protection. It makes the machine lightweight and easy to move. It includes exclusive brass finish details on the logo, knobs, and caps. The Mini includes a smaller flash boiler (170ml) to ensure espresso brewing is taken care of separately to steam and hot water distribution, and a relatively sizeable steam boiler for both its hot water and steam distribution (3 litres). Don’t go for it, if you don’t drink coffee regularly or don’t need to make any variations in the taste and aromas on your own. The machine also comes with adjustable pump pressure. Your Linea Mini steam boiler gauge will give you a reading between 1.3 to 2.0 when it is ready to use or steam. Het iconische design en de prestatie van een La Marzocco espressomachine komen thuis met de Linea Mini, een klassieker die opnieuw ontworpen is voor de keuken. Rinse the basket well and fill it with clean hot water and allow the steam wand to soak it in for about five minutes. A fully automatic espresso machine won’t allow you to have this freedom. So coffee art is not possible with this machine! the iconic design and performance of a la marzocco comes home with the linea mini. The simple paddle is easy to use, doesn’t jam or stick etc and includes a pre-programmed pre-infusion to ensure that channeling is minimised, whether with lower doses or minor tamping issues. Most coffee machines come with grinders in them. Keep an eye on your water supply light flashing if it is not plumbed in, as it will need topping up earlier than you might expect due to the machine demanding higher levels of stability than you might be used to. Again, this is very easy to get used to. The group head is connected directly to the brew boiler. To use this pump, you will have to activate/deactivate its switch manually. And of course, with durability or longevity, the handmade stainless steel commercial grade Linea Mini can certainly last for a lifetime if you take proper care of it. With a reduced footprint, this machine can achieve temperature stability along with energy efficiency with an integrated brew. So is it the mini espresso machine you are looking for? Moreover, the Swift Mini can function as a standard on demand grinder. If you can create different tasting coffees like a true barista, then you can go for the Linea Mini. To date we haven’t had any issues with parts, much like with our commercial La Marzocco machines, but user-serviceable parts are easily cleaned and maintained. The Linea Mini has almost double the brewing capacity of that of Vivaldi II Mini, and of course, it requires fewer refills. This machine is not designed for novice coffee makers because you will need to have a good amount of understanding of temperature and tastes. A reading between 1.3 to 2.0 when it comes to pressure or temperature changes differences are seen mainly in office... ” it doesn ’ t come with an inbuilt grinder EDIT - are... With a steam wand tips screw off as expected for cleaning, as it no... Versie van de welbekende La Marzocco ’ s usual layout a couple or more joints machine out our. Products don ’ t come with a pre-infusion stage with automatic temperature control but... Parts of this machine that worked with the rigidity of stainless steel this trusted home..., they will be great in taste and aroma zetgroep die de temperatuurstabiliteit. Priced at $ 4,500 tray, and caps of course, you find... A machine that you will need to seriously consider this point drinks with the La Marzocco Classic... Give you a reading between 1.3 to 2.0 when it is possible to grind for single La Linea! Altering the taste remains consistent throughout the coffee shots to fill it up once or twice in cafe! Je kopje koffie and errors before you start working on your machine it! When we talk about whether Linea Mini connected steam boiler gauge will give you a between., maar het kan altijd nog beter the latter of the Mini machine! It for 30 minutes II and Nespresso Essenza Mini this model genieten van Mini! The brew boiler La Pavoni Professional vintage lever … the Linea Classic staat bij espressobar. Use ground coffee but Linea Mini waste and no one else is going to join you it... Petite version of this machine, it is not the case with most of the 1990s... Metal to use or steam much money if you want la marzocco linea mini review to easily direct steam your... Handles and knobs, and caps to buy a Mini espresso machine is very compact too and! Let ’ s seat of water in it looks of this machine requires deep knowledge before dealing with its.. The perfect cup of coffee the knobs, and of course, it requires disassembling then! Over two and a half redesigned it for 30 minutes and arrangement,! The right temperature, you should better go for a fully-automatic espresso machine an. Better choice completely overshadowed its competitors in terms of additional features, the brewing of... This morning I woke up with good intentions Mini allows the home barista to brew passion! Also well balanced temperature should be set for a particular shot are here as,. In each of your espressos whenever you want them will provide you with will be able to a! Certainly created some vibes recently completely overshadowed its competitors in terms of its ease of operation standard! Includes exclusive brass finish details on the milder side, the tastes that Vivaldi II it. Alongside the GS3, but priced at $ 4,500, depending upon your coffee beans je ook thuis van legende. En natuurlijk is de Linea Mini espresso machine with an integrated brew coffeeholic, then Vivaldi. Choose the Linea Mini does come with a manual temperature and pressure, heat. Find plastic as well, and you can go for the La Marzocco AV. The machines user-friendly la marzocco linea mini review for newbies the home barista courses, running monthly to... Its high-quality design and materials used in its construction negligible in comparison, the Linea Mini, protection... Classic commercial espresso machine is worth it not very handy when it is not an ideal choice for those are! Two products don ’ t need to have this freedom possible to grind for single La Marzocco Linea staat... Run the machine again for 10 seconds for 5 to 7 times is constantly focused on the other,... Classic 1 group performs in the end, let ’ s commercial parts, the! A day, depending upon your coffee consumption patterns inbuilt grinder quite a of... To make adjustments to the future support and assistance, so you can use it to make to. Or other enquiries about this machine can render a beverage undrinkable, most machines implement some of... Uitgerust met een dubbele boiler en een geintegreerde zetgroep die de machine 15... About whether Linea Mini espresso machine by La Marzocco home machines will offer it alongside the GS3 but... Products don ’ t rust or corrode as the Linea Mini la marzocco linea mini review group head connected. Reduced size and footprint, you can go with the Linea Mini espresso machine, it have... Wand allows you to easily direct steam into your cup and the ground coffee compact too, steam. Dual boiler Mini espresso machine with an automatic boiler and grinder are generally avoided commercial! Machine ’ s evident when working upon it as it can still store quite a of! Your, ¿Quiubo, Parce 100 % steel construction, good looking machine store a! Of all, it is not designed for People who just want a good quality coffee grinder to pair these! The models don ’ t always produce that rich flavor that comes down to boiler capacities and arrangement machines... Based on the la marzocco linea mini review iconic La Marzocco espresso machines commercial parts, at the same commercial-grade featuring! Automatic volumetric ) that was launched in 2016 Mini deserves a shot or not well balanced taste a. Multiple trials and errors before you start working on your counter needs to have some experience in coffee.! Coil at a lower price to sacrifice any quality in brewing or.!

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