Stand up tall with a straight spine. After a few moments go the other direction. Lie on your side with one arm underneath you and your legs straight. Attempt to increase the intensity of the stretch with every rep. Don't stretch beyond your body's capacity. The muscle serves as both an antagonist and a synergist to the rhomboid muscles. When your arms are above shoulder-height, hold the position and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Basic stretches can help alleviate tightness and preserve or improve mobility. Lie down on a bed with your back flat. Include jumping jacks to help stretch your serratus anterior dynamically. Hold a weight in one … It is the upward rotation force that we are wanting to test, however. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Relax the tops of your shoulders. Shift your torso forward, and begin making circles with your chest. Due to its large role in stabilizing the scapula, inadequ… For best results, stretch immediately after workouts that involve heavy use of the serratus anterior. Hold for three to five breaths, or as long as is comfortable. This muscle helps spread the ribs for a great inhale. Maximizing your serratus anterior activation, while minimizing the involvement of the pec minor. Reach your left arm up your back and grab on to the strap. The serratus anterior also helps lift the ribs to assist in respiration. It is also the muscle that is known as the ‘Superhero Muscle’ because it is always drawn highly defined (below the pecs and in front of the armpit) on superhero’s such as Superman and Wolverine. 2014;6(1):4-11. doi:10.1111/sae.12033, Lee SY, Lee HD, Cho YS, Han SH. 2014;23(17-18):2525-31. doi:10.1111/jocn.12443, Feinberg JH, Radecki J. Parsonage-turner syndrome. The serratus anterior muscle takes origin from the lateral scapula and fans anteriorly as it inserts into the first nine ribs. Draw your shoulder blades together and do not allow the hips to sag. When this muscle is tight it pulls your shoulder blade forward and pointing downward, creating anterior tilt of the scapula instead of posterior, therefore causing your shoulder to be slouched forward. Serratus Anterior. Start seated with your legs extended in front of you. Point your knee and your toes to the right. The serratus anterior muscle is located toward the top and side of your rib cage. Stretching cold muscles can cause injury. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Carr JB, John QE, Rajadhyaksha E, Carson EW, Turney KL. What Does Your Serratus Anterior Do? This modified side bend can give your ribs a deep stretch. The serratus anterior is a set of muscles that is essential to proper shoulder positioning. Hold this position while breathing deeply for 20 to 25 seconds. Reach to the Side. The serratus anterior is most recognized by its serrated-looking appearance along the side of your body. The serratus anterior is stretched by retracting the scapula at the scapulocostal joint. Serratus Anterior, which is also known as the “Big Swing Muscle” or “Boxer’s muscle” due to its effectiveness of protracting the scapula. Repeat stretches up to four times on each side. HSS J. The serratus anterior muscle is capable of providing both a protraction and upward rotation force. Bend your upper arm and rest your palm on the upper part of your waist so your thumb is pointed toward your pelvis and your fingers are nearly touching your lower back. It runs laterally around the rib cage, passes underneath the scapula to insert on its medial border. In my clinical practice thus far, I have seen several different ways of testing the serratus anterior, but it is … 2017 Jan; 4(1): 1-6. doi:10.15226/2374-6904/4/1/00153, Essentials of Athletic Training; Daniel D. Arnheim and William E. Prentice, Stretching Scientifically: A Guide to Flexibility Training (Fourth Edition); Thomas Kurz. Place your hands on the ground behind you with your fingers pointed toward you. For best results, stretch immediately after workouts that involve heavy use of the serratus anterior. From a systemic perspective, the serratus plays a major role in shoulder positioning which can enhance lymphatic drainage. Only a portion of the muscle is used for flap reconstruction: the lower three slips of muscle arise at the very inferior scapula and have an independent blood and nerve supply, making them a good source of a medium to small sized muscle for free flap coverage.

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